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Nemo Candy Plakat Betta

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This listing is for a Male

The Photo showed is representative and fish will be different from this. Please visit our Instagram Channel for Videos of actual stocks. 

Koi Galaxy Halfmoon Plakat Betta Fish is from 3 to 6 months old. We ensure the highest quality fish that we handpicked from our farm with strict graded requirements before listed on our Stores. The species of the betta that will be shipped is Galaxy Plakat Betta Fish, which has a base color of Red and Orange, with white, blue, and possibly other colors on the body and fins.

The lighting we use might be different from your aquarium therefore colors might be lighter or darker depending on the light you have. Fish might likely arrive lacking color due to stress from shipping. The Fish's colors will be back to their original color when the fish is settled down and adapted to the new tanks. 

We highly recommended feeding Bettas with AQA Brineshrimp flakes and Frozen Bloodworms. As it will help to enhance the health and color of your Betta.  All our fish are fed with this pallet from fry to adult. 

 Due to the natural nature of this product, we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as picture*

Nemo Candy Plakat Betta



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