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Channa stiktos 4"-5inch

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Origin: Southern Irrawaddy and Sitang River basins Myanmar

Maximum Size: 30cm/12inches....Reports of bigger have been heard

Care: Temperature: sub tropical around 18c-25c

Tank mate: Very aggresive, will not tolerate members of its own kind in small spaces , although a dwarf species requires a very large well structured tank to house a group which this way you will be virtually guaranteed a pair, as they start to mature they will go through a stage where lots of scraping very well may occur, once through this and a pair is formed, it's advisable to remove the rest before spawning occurs and deaths may well happen...

Feeding: I fed mine on dried mealworms and chopped prawns. They don't need live fish, and do perfectly well on robust live foods (earthworms, river shrimps, mealworms) or chunky frozen foods.

Sexing: Males have a much bulkier head and more stocky compared to female


Channa stiktos 4"-5inch



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