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Bucephalandra Elegant Blue Rhizome

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You will receive one emersed-grown plant with 3-6 leaves each.


A nice buce with medium, oval leaves. Will develop lovely blue leaves over time. The Bucephalandras are plants epiphytes endemic to the island of Borneo. They are rare aquatic plants, that require similar conditions as Anubias, and have a unique appearance. In general, Bucephalandras are slow growing, and they are available in many types and colours different. A aquarium plant very tolerant that grows well with a wide range of water parameters. They can be attached to driftwood or rock.


Bucephalandra Quick Stats:

• Difficulty: Easy
Family: Araceae
Gender: Bucephalandra
Origin: Borneo
Lighting: Low - Medium
Temperature: 20nd - 28th
Increase: Slow
PH: 5.0 – 8.0
Hardness: Almost anyone
Co2: Optional

Bucephalandra Elegant Blue Rhizome
Bucephalandra Elegant Blue Rhizome

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