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Betta rubra *Super Super Rare* (Pair)

Rs. 3,000.00
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One of the Rarest Wild Type Bettas in the world. Recently rediscovered barely 12-15 years ago after being lost for over a 100 Years. The price mentioned is for a Pair.
Betta rubra are my favorite mouthbrooding bettas. They are strikingly beautiful and have goofy personalities similar to domestic splendens. I am excited to help spread this beautiful species to fellow hobbyists!
The females are pretty fiery and are almost as colorful as the males. She is the one that is quite pushy and initiates spawning. It is important to remember to remove the female as soon as the male is holding. She may force the male to spawn immediately after he releases the fry, which means that he may not eat for months at a time! Mouthbrooding bettas are truly dedicated fathers.
These will need tightly covered aquariums and will do well in small to medium sized Planted Aquariums.
Fiery female! The male is very docile.
Some boys spawning

Betta rubra *Super Super Rare* (Pair)



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