Apple Snail

Apple Snail

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Ampullariidaecommon name the apple snails, is a family of large freshwater snailsaquatic gastropod mollusks with a gill and an operculum. This family is in the super family Ampullarioidea and is the type family of that super family.

The Ampullariidae are unusual because they have both a gill and a lung, with the mantle cavity being divided in order to separate the two types of respiratory structures. This adaptation allows these snails to be amphibious.

This family is considered to be gonochoristic unlike some others. This means that in order to breed, a male and female snail are needed

What We Like About This Snail:

  • Bright and beautiful golden yellow shell coloration
  • Its playful behaviour makes it more fun to watch than other snails
  • Safe with plants
  • Completely peaceful



  • Temperature:  68° - 84° F (20° - 29° C)
  • pH:  7.6 - 8.4
  • KH:  2 - 15 dKH
  • Minimum tank size:  2.5 gallons per snail



  • Diet:  Other than algae and biofilm, Mystery Snails also eat leftover fish/invertebrate flakes and pellets and blanched vegetables such as zucchini, kale, spinach, or cucumber.
  • Social behaviour:  Peaceful and solitary; will not engage with tank mates.

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