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African Butterfly Fish

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The African butterfly fish is also known as Freshwater butterflyfish, African butterflyfish or Pantodon buchholzi. This species is a fascinating freshwater fish from West Africa.

Scientists refer to the Freshwater butterflyfish, which has survived unchanged for 100 million years, as an actual living fossil. Experienced aquarists love this ornamental fish that makes an exciting addition to their tank.

The African Butterfly fish are pretty particular about their care requirements. Since this unusual species needs more attention than many other tropical freshwater fish, this guide will help you prepare the tank before you bring them home.

African Butterfly Fish Stats

Scientific name Pantodon buchholzi
Common names(s) African butterfly fish; Freshwater butterflyfish; African butterflyfish
Habitat West Africa
Diet  Insectivore; carnivore
Minimum Tank Size 40 gallons – The aquarium must be long, wide, and shallow
Substrate Type Any
Lighting Needs Low – subdued lighting
Breeding Temperature 80 F
Water Movement Gentle
African Butterfly Fish - Best4Pets
African Butterfly Fish

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