Teraa Marine M

Teraa Marine M

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Complete full-fledged extruded feed for all kinds of sea fish and animal.Its highly attractive, highly digestible, soft, slowly sinks to the bottom, doesnt mess water and doesnt crumble. Balanced content of alimony substances, high content of vitamins and mineral substances, ensures optimal grown and healthy evolution of sea fish and animals. 


Squid meal, Krill, Schrimp meal, Fish meal, Rice, Rye, Oat, Pea, Salmon oil, Bear yeats,Dried seaweed Chlorella, Moringa, Kelp, Mushroom Shiitake, Prebiotics, Probiotics. Vitamins: A (3a672a) 28000 m.j., C (3a300) 210 mg, D3 (3a671) 2100 m.j.;trace elements: Fe (3b103) 34 mg, Mn (3b502) 43 mg, Zn (3b603) 42 mg; with antioxidants.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein (44.0%), Crude Fat (8.5%), Crude Fiber(3.1%),Crude Ash (9.5%)  

Please feed as much which the fishes can consume within thirty minutes. Feed once or twice a day.  

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